Smith Wigglesworth on Healing

Experience God’s Miracles Meet a minister’s wife with only one day to live, a bride who is dying of appendicitis, a betrayed husband who is on his way to kill his wife, and a woman who is completely paralyzed. Through Smith Wigglesworth’s words and ministry, you will discover what happened in their lives and what can take place in your own life. Find out how you can… Walk in divine health and wholenessOvercome the power of evilExperience God’s power in your lifeDo the miracles that Christ didSee the “incurable” healedLead the lost to ChristMinister in God’s anointing Here you will discover how you can personally receive God’s healing touch and how God can use you to bring healing to others, just as He did through Smith Wigglesworth. Christ’s transforming power and grace will change your life from ordinary to extraordinary.  

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Book Title: Smith Wigglesworth on Healing

Book Author: Smith Wigglesworth

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ISBN: 0883684268