Real Estate Math Demystified

Real estate math ESSENTIALS that really ADD up! Interested in becoming a real estate agent but you're not a math whiz? Are you a real estate investor looking for investment analysis techniques?  No problem! Understand and handle real estate transactions and analysis with confidence using this well-organized guide. Real Estate Math Demystified will provide you with the knowledge to analyze real estate from a variety of perspectives, including that of the buyer, seller, lender, and appraiser.You'll start with an overview of basic math principles to refresh your memory and improve your overall math proficiency. More challenging material will help you obtain your broker's license and prepare for actual real estate practice and investment. Other topics covered include commissions, mortgages, calculations, appreciation and depreciation, property taxes, appraisal methods, and much more. This fast and easy guide offers:An explanation of the importance and use of Time Value of MoneyExercises for calculating mortgage paymentsVarious methods for appraising propertyBreakdowns of closing statements from purchase/sale transactionsDiscussions of various lease scenarios and rent typesReal estate investment and cash flow analysisDrawings and tables to enhance understanding of required real estate math calculationsSimple enough for a beginner, but challenging enough for a more advanced student, this book is your shortcut to success in the lucrative field of real estate.

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Book Title: Real Estate Math Demystified

Book Author: Steven Mooney

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ISBN: 0071481389